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Photo Gallery: Fall Yard Sale 2004 Photo Gallery: Fall Yard Sale 2004

Fall Yard Sale 2004
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Shop till you drop!
Viewed 3648 times
See anything you like?
Viewed 3574 times
Giddy up!
Viewed 3515 times
Howdy partner!
Viewed 3691 times
How much is this here hat?
Viewed 3745 times
Man, there's a lot of stuff!
Viewed 3671 times
Some of the men hard at work.
Viewed 3578 times
Rake, rake, rake that pine straw up!
Viewed 3510 times
Green Acres is the place to be!
Viewed 3549 times
Say taco with cheese!
Viewed 3522 times
Give me a hug somebody.
Viewed 3518 times
Catch this Falon!
Viewed 3619 times
Thanks Grannette for the Avon!
Viewed 3613 times
Why won't it go?
Viewed 3445 times
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